May 22, 2024

Privacy Policy

When you use/visit our website, or any other online service (collectively, the “Services”) that links or refers to it, you are subject to this Privacy Policy.

You agree to our Privacy Policy by visiting our website. We strongly advise you to read our privacy statement so that you are aware of our approach to the use of your personal details.

We retain the right to make changes to this privacy policy as needed. We retain the right to make changes to this privacy statement as needed.


We get data from users directly, from 3rd-parties and automatically via our website.

To subscribe for the Service, you may be asked to provide personal information such as your name, age, sex, phone number, email address, and demographic data (country, location, IP address, and so on). You can also use third-party accounts like Facebook, Google, and others to register or link your account.

When you visit our website, we gather very limited information about your computer’s Internet connection, such as your IP address. Your IP address does not expose any personally identifiable information. We may also collect and store information provided by your computer or mobile device in connection with your use of our website/apps, such as your internet browser, computer or mobile device type, browser language, IP address, cellphone company, unique device identifier, location, and demanded and referring URLs.


  1. When you subscribe with us, we take information directly from you.
  • When you explore our site, open or reply to emails from us, we collect your information.
  • When you leave a comment on our website or contact us via phone or email with a query or question.
  • When you register with us and link your social network or 3rd-party accounts, we gather information about you. By doing so, you’re giving them permission to share specific information from those accounts with us, and you’re giving us permission to collect, store, and use such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  • In terms of improving user experience, we get information from you via third-party tools, browser cookies, and web applications.
  • Information about the device For the goal of providing customized information on the internet explorer, we may gather non-personal data about the computer, mobile device, or other device you use to access the service, such as IP address, geo-location information, device identifiers, browser version, browser language, as well as other information.


Cookies are little text files that are transferred to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website and include a limited amount of information. When you return to the website or visit a partner website that recognizes that cookie, your device will be able to connect with our website, and the website will be able to read the information stored in that cookie.

We use cookies to make it easier for you to navigate our websites and to save you time by preventing you from having to re-enter your information or preferences each time you visit. We may provide you with information and show you stuff that is relevant to you thanks to cookies. Cookies are also used to analyses how our consumers interact with our websites so that we can optimize the customer experience.

In your browser options, you can accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers accept cookies by default, however you can typically change this setting to refuse cookies if you want. More information about managing cookies can be found in your browser’s help section: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.


  1. To deliver and manage the services you’ve asked for. This could involve things like processing your subscription, sending you electronic newsletters, or allowing you to use the Services’ features. It also entails sending you personalized content and recommendations, such as via email. We can provide you with information and content that is personalized to your specific interests and needs thanks to such features.
  • To Contact You: We may engage you from time to time with offers and information about the Services and our affiliates, such as in connection with your accounts, online surveys, legal notices, news reports, new services to which you are authorized, and other essential information. By following the directions in those email messages, you can opt out of getting commercial email messages from us.
  • To personalize advertising, we may be using your information to send customized advertising, offers, and offerings to you on and off the Services on behalf about ourselves and sponsors.
  • We need to know who our readers and users are. Based on the information we gather, the Services undertake research on our users’ demographics, interests, and behavior. This allows us to better understand and support our customers while also improving our products and services.
  • To safeguard the Services’ and others’ rights. We may use your personal information as we believe is necessary or reasonable to protect, enforce, or defend the Services, its employees or agents, or other users’ legal rights, privacy, safety, or property, as well as to comply with applicable legislation.


The following list of companies with whom we may share information is provided. Depending on type of information, we have several procedures.

We may share your data with a social network site if you log into the Services using a social media service or if you link a social media account to the Services. The privacy policies of the social media services and your social media account settings will regulate how they use the shared information.

Business Partners: In order to provide you with the services you’ve requested, we may share your information with our trading partners.

Suppliers offering contractual services to us, such as hosting companies, advertising network operators, and list managers, may exchange information with us. In order to make your payments for the Services or complete a purchase, we may share your data, including your payment details.

Third-Party Content, Advertising, and Functionality: When you use our Services, third parties may acquire or obtain specific information about you and/or your use of the Services (e.g., hashed data, click stream information, browser type, time and date, details about your conversations with advertisements and other content), including by the use of cookies, beacons, mobile ad identifying information, and similar devices, in order to provide content, advertising, and capabilities (e.g., hashed data, click This data may be coupled with data collected from other websites, online services, and other connected or connected devices. These third parties may use your information in accordance with their own privacy rules to better their own services.

Other Parties in the Event of a Corporate Transaction: In the event that we sell or transfer all or a section of our business or properties to a 3rd party, such as in the event of a merger, purchase, or bankruptcy reorganization, we reserve the right to transmit any information we hold about you.

Alternatively, with your permission or at your request: We may share information about you with third parties in additional to the sharing specified in this Privacy Policy if you consent or ask us to do so.

Other information, such as collected statistics on how users use our Services, may be shared with 3rd parties in a way that does not identify individual users.

Our Services may contain links to third-party websites and services that are not within our control. We are not liable for the security or privacy of any data obtained by 3rd-party websites or services. You should proceed with caution and read the privacy policies of any third-party websites or services you use.