June 15, 2024

SLP to USD: The SLP coin price in US Dollars


Last updated on November 01, 2023. The latest SLP price to the dollar (SLP to USD) is 0.002542 USD. SLP is a digital currency. SLP is the abbreviation of Smooth Love Potion. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) coins can be earned as gifts by Axie Infinity players via war or adventure manner. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is the domestic digital currency of the Axie Infinity game. The Smooth Love Potion coin price SLP to USD is 0.002542.

Finishing daily objectives, competing in Arena matches (PvP), and defeating creatures in Journey level are all ways to earn SLP. SLP is a cryptocurrency with a burned mechanism. The SLP coins spent in each Axie breeding will be burnt permanently. The one SLP con rate in dollars is 0.002542 USD.

Price table of SLP to US Dollars:

SLP CoinEqual toUSD
1 SLP=0.002542 USD
2 SLP=0.005084 USD
3 SLP=0.007626 USD
4 SLP=0.010168 USD
5 SLP=0.01271 USD
10 SLP=0.02542 USD
20 SLP=0.05084 USD
50 SLP=0.1271 USD
100 SLP=0.2542 USD
1000 SLP=2.542 USD


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