April 16, 2024

“Snowflake” is a data storage service company


Snowflake Inc. is a database storage company located in Bozeman, Montana that uses cloud computing. After 2 years in lock-down mode, it was officially released in October 2014 after being founded in July 2012. The name chooses as a nod to the creators’ passion for winter activities.

The company provides “cloud service,” which is a cloud-based data storage and processing solution. Cloud-based technology and software enable enterprise customers to store and analyses data. It has been running on Amazon S3 since 2014 Microsoft Azure since 2018 and Google Cloud Platform since 2019. By developing and perfecting a cloud-based digital platform, the business will be recognized for rejuvenating the data storage industry. Before Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, it was able to isolate computer data storing from computing.

Snowflake Inc. found in July 2012 by 3 different data storage specialists. The three specialists are Benoit Dageville, Thierry Cranes, and Marcin Ukowski in San Mateo, California. Dadeville and Cranes were formerly employed at Oracle Corporation as data architects. However, Ukowski was a co-founder of Vectorwise, a Dutch start-up. Mike Speiser, a venture financier with Sutter Hill Ventures, was the initial CEO of the company.

Bob Muglia, a former Microsoft employee, was called CEO in June 2014. It find $26 million and came out of stealth mode in October 2014, with 80 organizations using it at the time. The firm secure an extra $45 million in June 2015 and release its first product, a cloud data store, to the general public.

In April 2017, the company collect another $100 million. The company became a unicorn in January 2018 when it complete a $263 million funding round at a $1.5 billion valuation. It secure a further $450 million in a roundhead by Sequoia Capital in October 2018, bringing its total worth to $3.5 billion.


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