June 14, 2024

WHA: The World Health Assembly


The World Health Assembly (WHA) had 55 member countries. Its first meeting occur in 1948. The World Health Assembly (WHA) is the medium from which the 194 member countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) manage the organization. The WHA is made up of health Ministers from member states and is the highest health policy-making body in the world.

However, Every year in May, members of the World Health Assembly meet in Geneva at the Palace of Nations, where WHO headquarters. The principal responsibilities of WHA include deciding on significant policy issues, and approving the work program and budget of WHO. The electing its Director-General (every 5th year), and yearly electing 10 members to renew a portion of its executive board is decided in the meeting. Although, Its key responsibilities include determining the policies of the Organization, supervising financial policies & reviewing and approving the planned program budget.

The World Health Assembly (WHA) had 55 member countries at its first meeting in 1948. There are now 194 member states in the WHA. Puerto Rico and Tokelau are two associate members of the World Health Assembly.

WHA add new Members

As well as, Every year, the World Health Assembly appoints new members to the executive council from among its ranks. Section VI, Articles 24 through 29, of the World Health Organization’s Constitution governs this body. The EB must have a geographically balanced distribution. The EB must be chosen for a 3 years term and is eligible for re-election. The Board must meet at least twice a year. Each meeting must be held at a different location. Geneva invariably picks as the location. The WHA #Annual Assemblies summaries are used to get a current list of members on the executive board.


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