June 14, 2024

Global Health Council is a non-profit world organization


The Global Health Council is a non-profit international networking organization. The Council was established in the United States. It supports and connects with advocates, practitioners, and contributors. It is of the global health objectives throughout the world. The Council is the biggest membership body made of the international. The Global Health Council is sharing global health through policy and activities. All, the thousands of public health professionals from 150 countries are served and represented by the Council.

The ‘National Council for International Health was founded in 1972. To better reflect its efforts in the twenty-first century. The organization changed its name to the Global Health Council in 1998. The name of the council has to change over time. It reflects the bound of the body’s operations.

The aim is to promote global health via increased investment, strong command, and a joined voice. The Council gathers participants around the meaningful health council challenges. The Council strongly interacts with key decision makers to impact health policy, according to its website.


GHC was closing down in 2012. It re-launched on January 1, 2013, with a freshly appointed management board. The Council now works in 3 primary fields according to its new model. The three fields are policy and advocacy, member engagement, linkages, and collaboration. GHC has an online platform. This platform contains guest blogging, member profiles, policy briefs, advocacy updates, and global health job advertisements. All of these represent this emphasis.

The GHC has also taken part in world health activities on a national and international level. GHC takes part in the World Health Assembly. The Global Health Week on the Hill and the unity of Universities for Global Health Colloquium. The Council administers and partners in a number of global health advocacy task forces, alliances, and round-table discussions. The GHC Budget Round-table and the Global Health Security Conference are the partners in the discussions.

The Council supervises the biennial publishing of the Global Health Briefing Book. It also controls an international health advocacy hub. Global Health Works is to maximize US Contributions for Healthier. The most current publication was published in 2017 for the 115th US Congress.


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