April 10, 2024

South Downs National Park is the newest park in England


The South Downs National Park is established on March 31, 2010. The park is the newest national park in England. The national park holds 1,627 square kilometers in southern England. Although, the park spreads across 140 kilometers through the regions of Hampshire, West Sussex, and East Sussex. From Winchester in the west to Eastbourne in the east. The South Downs chalk hills form the white cliffs of the 7 Sisters and Beachy Head on the English Channel coast. A significant portion of a distinct physio-graphic region is the part of the park. Along with the western Weald, with its dense forest sandstone, clay hills, and vales, are involved in the national park.

South Downs National Park preview


The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) is in charge of managing the park. The SDNPA was found on April 1, 2010. SDNPA is fully operational on April 1, 2011. SDNPA is the planning authority national park. The SDNPA is a government-fund organization that is controlled by a committee of 27 members. It is responsible for marketing the legal goals of the national park as well as the benefits to the people who live and work there.

Birds in South Downs National Park

The South Downs Way is the only National Trail that runs entirely inside a national park, covering the distance of the park. However, the concept of Park was generated in 1920. As the public concern grew about growing dangers to the magnificent down-land ecosystem. The park especially the effect of uncontrolled speculative housing construction on the eastern Sussex Downs.

The National Park was the last of the initial 12 national parks to be established. To conduct a review of national park policy, they officially announced support for Park and began a survey on its development in September 1999.

The majority of the national park is chalk down-land. The substantial portion of the park is made up of the sandstones and clays of the western Weald, a region of densely vegetated hills and vales with sharp contrast.


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