June 15, 2024

Music of Aaliyah will be available to play at least


The late R&B singer’s final two albums, One in a Million and Aaliyah, have been in the works for years due to legal challenges and family conflicts. As the 20th anniversary of her death approaches. The agreement has been reached to republish the albums. The album, One in a Million will be released on August 20th, kicking off the roll-out.

The music of the film Romeo Must Die, in which Aaliyah co-starred. It is also the collections Ultimate Aaliyah and I Love 4 You, which will be published throughout the remaining of the year.

Uncle of Aaliyah and previous boss Barry Hankerson, whose Blackground Recordings had the assets to the singer’s entire catalog, with exception of her new single.  Age Ain’t Nothing Except A Quantity, which is now her only record available on video format broke out the news.

The lengthy CD and cassette formats will also be released. By selling CDS, earning hundreds of dollars on the secondary market.

To launch the album of  Aaliyah and heritage of Background to a new generation of fans, Hankerson said of his partnership deal with soundtrack production company Empire. It will also allow Timbaland, Toni Braxton, and JoJo to produce songs that had previously been unavailable on streaming sites.

After a couple of years of legal struggle with the label, JoJo possibly re her Blackground records, but she assured fans she will not gain any money from the re-releases.

How did Aaliyah die in an airplane crash?

22 years old Aaliyah died on 25 August 2001 in an airplane crash, she was on collapsed and caught fire soon after getting off on the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas.

The singer was on her way to the island to film a music video for her single, Rock The Boat. In the airplane crash, 8 other travelers, including video filmmaker Douglas Kratz and record label manager Gina Smith, were also killed.

With sleek, future tunes like We Need A Solution, Beyond A Woman, and Are You That Person?, the 22-year-old star already had left an enormous impact on R&B.


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