June 14, 2024

Mitchell Center capacity


Mitchell Center’s capacity is 10,041 people. The center has a capacity of 3,500 seats and arrangements for theater performances. The 7,355-seat capacity is for front-of-arena performances. The Mitchell Center also has 8,777 seats for circus purposes and motor racing in the center. Although, the center has 10,800 seat arrangement for full-arena live performances.

The Mitchell Center capacity of total floor capacity of 18,080 square feet (1,680 m2), and 6,918 square feet (643 m2) of conference rooms. Further, 4,230 square feet (393 m2) in the Globe section, which houses the Water-man Globe. 4 video screens are installed on the arena’s eight-sided center-hung scoreboard.

There are 16 ticket booths, a 14,000-watt audio system, a 60-by-40-foot (18-by-12-meter) movable stage, 4 dressing rooms, 2 team changing rooms, a fitness room, a production office, and on-site food. From floor to ceiling, the center stands 63’8″. Within a 10-walk distance of the center, there is parking for 4,450 cars, including 450 at the venue itself. 450 at the venue itself.


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