May 16, 2024

“Scott John Morrison” is the current PM of Australia


Scott John Morrison is an Australian politician leader of the Liberal Party of Australia. He is the 30th current Prime Minister of Australia. Morrison attend the office on 24 August 2018. He is the longest-serving prime minister of Australia after John Howard.

Prime Minister Scott John Morrison was born in Sydney, Australia, on 13 May 1968. The current age of Morrison is 53 years. He completes his study in economic geography at the University of New South Wales.

From 1998 to 2000, John Morrison was the director of the New Zealand Office of Tourism and Sport. From 2004 to 2006, he was the managing director of Tourism Australia. Morrison was also the New South Wales Liberal Party’s state director from 2000 to 2004.

Political Achievements of Scott John Morrison

In 2007, he appoint to the Australian House of Representatives, as a member of parliament (MP) for the Cook division in New South Wales. He was also immediately assigned to the shadow cabinet after the Australian House of Representatives.

Morrison served as the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection in the Abbott Government in 2013. He was also in charge of implementing Operation Sovereign Borders. The following year, after a reshuffle, he was selected Minister of Social Services. After Malcolm Turnbull replace Abbott as Prime Minister in September 2015. He was elevated to Treasurer.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s failure challenged Turnbull for the Liberal Party leadership in August 2018. The party voted to hold a second presidential referendum on August 24, despite Turnbull’s decision not to run.

Morrison was seen as a credible candidate in that election. He beat both Dutton and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop becoming the leader of the Liberal Party. Later that day, Governor-General Peter Cosgrove swore him in as Prime Minister.

Morrison went on to lead the Coalition to an unexpected election victory in 2019. He was criticized for taking a vacation during the 2019–20 bushfires. He is also handling of the rape claims in the 2021 Parliament.


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