April 10, 2024

Political Liberal Party of Australia


The New South Wales Liberals, or the Liberal Party of Australia (New South Wales Division), is the county partition of the Liberal Party of Australia in New South Wales. In New South Wales, the party is now in power in a partnership with the Australian National Party (NSW). The party is a member of the federal Liberal Party, which controls Australia in cooperation with the National Party.

The NSW division of the Liberal Party was created in January 1945, with the founding of the Liberal Party in October 1944. The Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party joined the Liberal Party in the months that followed, and the new party’s NSW division took their place.

In the 74 years since its founding, the party has won 8 statewide elections to Labor’s thirteen and has served in office for 27 years (1965–1976, 1988–1995, and 2011–present) to Labor’s 46. Five of the eight politicians who have served as Premier of New South Wales, Sir Robert Askin, Nick Greiner, Barry O’Farrell, Mike Baird, and Gladys Berejiklian, have each actually won one state election.

Following the federal election of 1943, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), United Australia Party (UAP), and Commonwealth Party started talks about merging to form a new party, which would be called the Democratic Party. The Liberal Democratic Party (NSW) and the National Socialist Party (NSW) were both newly created parties in April and May 1943, respectively.

By November 1943, the talks were practically finished, and there was a good chance of achieving unity. [3] Although the County Party declined to join the union, they stated that they would work with the new party. However, on November 24, 1943, the LDP walked out of the unity meeting because they refused to accept maintaining the UAP’s secretary, H. W. Horsfield, as the new party’s secretary, as well as individuals of his staff.

However, the Commonwealth Party and the New South Wales Democratic Party met during the same conference. As a result, the LDP stayed distinct from the Democratic Party.


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