April 12, 2024

Australian Minister for Families and Social Services


The Australian Minister for Families and Social Services is in charge of all social services provided by the Australian government, particularly mental health, family and children’s policy, and support for carers, persons with disabilities, and elders.

After being sworn in by the Governor-General, Anne Ruston was named Minister for Families and Social Services in May 2019. From 2018 to 2019, the Hon. Paul Fletcher was the Minister of Families and Social Services.

Linda Reynolds has been the Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme since 2021.

Michael Sukkar has been the Minister of Housing since 2019.

Since August 26, 2018, the Hon. Michelle Landry MP has served as the Assistant Minister for Children and Families.

Australian Minister for Families and Social:

Name Of Minister: For Time of Period:
Frederick Stewart2 years, 164 days
Jack Holloway1 year, 349 days
James Fraser2 years, 270 days
Nick McKenna3 years, 184 days
Bill Spooner1 year, 143 days
Athol Townley3 years, 59 days
William McMahon1 year, 234 days
Hugh Roberton8 years, 328 days
Reginald Swartz32 days
Ian Sinclair3 years, 6 days
Bill Wentworth4 years, 281 days
Lance Barnard14 days
Don Grimes2 years, 65 days
Chris Hurford158 days
Neal Blewett2 years, 254 days
Brian Howe3 years, 355 days
Carmen Lawrence1 year, 352 days
Michael Wooldridge2 years, 224 days
Jocelyn Newman2 years, 101 days
Amanda Vanstone2 years, 250 days
Kay Patterson2 years, 112 days
Mal Brough1 year, 310 days
Jenny Macklin5 years, 289 days
Kevin Andrews1 year, 96 days
Scott Morrison272 days
Christian Porter2 years, 90 days
Dan Tehan251 days
Anne Ruston2 years, 298 days


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