June 15, 2024

Wuyuan is a Village in China


Wuyuan is a village in the People’s Republic of China’s Jiangxi province, adjoining the provinces of Zhejiang to the east and Anhui to the north. It falls under the jurisdiction of Shangrao, a township city. Wuyuan, in Jiangxi’s northeastern region, sits on the border of three provinces and features a terrain filled with weird caves, deep solitary rocks, and several historic sites. Some best-preserved historic buildings in China see in Wuyuan County. The structures Wuyuan establish in 740 during the Tang Dynasty. The villages of Wuyuab protect from too many visitors due to their remote location and difficult transportation.

Until 1989, it was a county in Huizhou, Anhui province. In 2010, the district’s population was 334,020 people. The Hui dialects are spoken in Wuyuan County, and the culture is similar to that of Huizhou in southern Anhui. Wuyuan’s GDP in 2011 was 5.622 billion yuan (RMB).


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