April 13, 2024

Whipps Cross Hospital has suspended operations after the flood in UK


Following a power failure, Whipps Cross Hospital was ordered to relocate approximately 100 patients to other hospitals due to flood in UK. The maternity ward’s ceiling panels also fell. Despite the fact that the unit is still open for walk-ins, maternity patients in need of immediate care are encouraged to seek treatment at other clinics.

Maternity patients that require an ambulance may be diverted to another unit until Whipps Cross reopens. According to a hospital administrator that All scheduled appointments have been postponed for today only as we attempt to clean up the facility’s damaged areas. Elective appointments later in the week are currently undisturbed, although this may change in the future .

Some appointments may be online; patients who are impacted will be informed by their healthcare teams.

We are maintaining the problem under regular assessment, a hospital official stated. We appreciate the patience of our patients and would like to encourage the public to check our appointment times before coming in. We will provide new updates as the situation develops on the flood in UK.

Flooding occurred in portions of the hospital on July 25, causing damage to structures, the electrical system, and a loss of power. A serious incident was reported, resulting in the evacuation of some departments and the redirection of ambulances to other hospital emergency wards. After minor flooding, the two other hospitals in the same NHS Trust, Newham and St Bartholomew’s, are now fully operating.

Rain and thunderstorms are expected throughout England and Scotland during the next 3 days, according to the Met Office.


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