June 15, 2024
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Peaceful Valley city in Washington, United States


Peaceful Valley city is in Washington, United States, in the neighborhood of Spokane. It is located on the Spokane River beneath its falls, immediately beneath Downtown Spokane. The Spokane River Gorge’s valley level has a small floodplain that runs through the area.

Peaceful Valley is the smallest city in terms of both land and population in Washington, yet it is famous for its central location and distinct character. The neighborhood features a bohemian and working-class character.

Furthermore, this city locates along the Spokane River valley, at the bottom of the Spokane River Gorge, close to Spokane Falls and Downtown Spokane.

Although, in 1949, the park developed a recreation facility. The structure exists barrack transfer from Geiger Field and had a steep descent into the city. The Peaceful Valley Community Center has taken over the recreation center today.

However, the home of Spokane people calls Peaceful Valley for thousands of years. To get the advantage of the abundant salmon runs in the area. Fishing houses develop along the river’s banks. One fish house was on the eastern limit of the current neighborhood, right beneath the Spokane Falls, and the other was on the western edge, where Latah Creek meets the Spokane River.

Peaceful Valley park Spokane is one of the main parks.

The area was so abundant in fish that it served as a meeting point for tribes from all across the region.

Poverty Flats was the name given to the city in the early days of European migration to Spokane.

Communities in Peaceful Valley City

278 people are living in 163 households in Peaceful Valley. Rentals account for 68 percent of those households, compared to 45.3 percent citywide. Residents are 65 years old or older in 10.6 percent of the population, while 8.2 percent are 19 years old or younger in 8.2 percent.

The Spokane Transit Authority provides public transportation, with Bus Route 20 serving the city. Service 20 is a high-frequency highway that runs from downtown STA Plaza to Peaceful Valley’s Clarke Avenue.


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