Plymouth shooting case: Why the shooter had licence, Starmer asked question

After being charged with violence in September 2020, Jake Davison, 22 had his gun and license suspended in December. Devon and Cornwall Police recovered them in July in the Plymouth shooting case, triggering an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Actions.

Why did shooter get the gun licence in the first place? Sir Keir asked question.

The Leader of the labour party said it was a “wonderful thing” that the matter of the licence of Davison being returned was being reviewed, but there were also broader questions about gun licencing regulations. What background checks were in place when Davison was issued his licence.

However, the Home Secretary, Priti Patel  has expressed her thoughts to the victims by putting a floral memorial near the crash site.

Hundreds of people joined a vigil at North Down Crescent Park on Friday evening. At North Down Crescent Park,  she placed the flower. Shaun Sawyer, the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, also lay a flower there.

At the park, the home secretary Luke Pollard and Plymouth Sutton MP talked with people from the local neighborhood watch team.

For a number of reasons and especially for individuals involved, it’s awful without words, incredibly heartbreaking without words. They were informed by Ms Patel. I am sure everyone knew each other and this will have impacted a lot of ┬álives of people.

Davison also targeted and shot 2 local people in Biddick Drive. A 33 year old man and a 53 year old woman who they knew each other.

In Keyham, his assault continued about six minutes before he pulled a gun on himself, which eyewitnesses describe as a pump-action gun.

The IOPC announced on Friday evening that it had opened an investigation after receiving initial data that pistol of Davison and licence had been reissued to him in early July of this year.

The license and gun were taken from him by police in December 2020, following an assault complaint in September 2020, according to the watchdog investigation of Plymouth shooting case.

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