April 17, 2024

Tennessee flood has left destruction in its wake, with at least 22 people killed and 20 were missing


TENNESSE: (News Report) After record-breaking rainfall brought flooding over portions of the state, at least 22 people were killed and another 20 were missing Sunday were Tennessee flood afternoon. According to surviving relatives, twin babies who were taken from their father’s arms were among dead.

A lots numbers of houses may be damaged, said to Grey Collier, public information officer for the Humphreys County Emergency Management Agency. Roads, mobile towers, and telephone cables were all damaged by the flooding. According to meteorologists, the particularly hard areas in order twice as much rain as the previously scariest scenario for Tennessee flood.

The News Reported that a low-income housing complex known as Brook-side was badly destroyed in the storms, according to Kansas Klein, a business owner nearby Waverer. Klein added, It was extremely damaging: Buildings were pulled down, half of them were damaged. People were hauling bodies out of the water who had fallen and died.

Gov. Bill Lee, and even some U.S. Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty, traveled into the county by helicopter on Sunday to check for damage in Tennessee flood.

A government 17 inches of rain occurred in less than 24 hours in McEwen, Tennessee, 60 miles west of Nashville. Waverer, approximately 10 miles west, gotten approximately 15 inches of rain, converting the rivers behind homes and through city into roaring waterfalls.

As the number of missing people dropped from a high of approximately 50 on Sunday, victims’ stories started to emerge. After their Waverly home’s water level increased to 6 feet, Cindy and Jimmy Dunn took shelter in their attic. After several hours, they were recovered when a bulldozer team brought a buckets to their window.

As water level rises in their home, Vanessa Yates, 28, moved her baby, Coralai, on top of a kitchen cabinet. She remained on the counter-top for a while, but the water eventually reached her ankles. She made a hole in the kitchen window, hoping that if they were recovered, they’d be able to flee quickly.


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