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The President of the United States


Last Update: February 18, 2023.

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The commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces and in charge of the administrative branch of the government is the President of the United States. The president of the United States power has expanded significantly, since its inception. The federal government’s overall power. The presidential authority has fluctuated over time. He has played an increasingly important role in American politics. since the turn of the century, with a massive update during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency.

At the current time, the leader of the world is the only remaining superpower. One of the most influential political personalities in the world is the President of the United States. The president of the United States has tremendous internal. He has international hard and soft power. He is the head of the world’s most powerful economy in terms of nominal GDP.

Under Article II of the Constitution, the chief executive of the federal government is established. Chief executive vests executive power in the president. The power involves the duty of appointing federal administrative, diplomatic, legislative, and judicial authorities. The advanced presidency has the main responsibility for the management of US international affairs, based on provisions of the constitution authorizing.

The president selects and receives ambassadors to conclude treaties with foreign countries. The additional laws were established by Congress. The job entails commanding the world’s greatest military, which also boasts the world’s second-biggest nuclear arsenal. In addition, the president has a significant influence on federal law and domestic policies. Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution grants, the presidency is right to sign or veto national regulations as part of the system of checks and balances.

The heads of their political parties are mostly elected presidents of the United States. The general elections have a substantial impact on major policy-making, with presidents taking a more active role in pitching. Their policy preferences for members of Congress who are often electoral successful depend on them. Presidents have increasingly used executive orders, providing standards, and judicial nominations to alter domestic policy in the past few decades.

The voting system is used to select the president of the US and vice president for a 4-year term. In contrast, nine vice presidents are becoming president as a result of the death or resignation of the president. In total, 45 people have held 46 presidential positions throughout the course of the last 58 four-year periods.

Joe Biden is the US’ 66th and present president, having taken office on January 20, 2021.

List of Presidents of the United States:

Sr. No.Duration:PRESIDENT Names:
11789-1797George Washington
21797-1801John Adams
31801-1805Thomas Jefferson
41805-1809Thomas Jefferson
51809-1812James Madison
61812-1813James Madison
71813-1814James Madison
81814-1817James Madison
91817-1825James Monroe
101825-1829John Quincy Adams
111829-1832Andrew Jackson
121833-1837Andrew Jackson
131837-1841Martin Van Buren
141841William Henry Harrison
151841-1845John Tyler
161845-1849James K. Polk
171849-1850Zachary Taylor
181850-1853Millard Fillmore
191853Franklin Pierce
201853-1857Franklin Pierce
211857-1861James Buchanan
221861-1865Abraham Lincoln
231865Abraham Lincoln
241865-1869Andrew Johnson
251869-1873Ulysses S. Grant
261873-1875Ulysses S. Grant
271875-1877Ulysses S. Grant
281877-1881Rutherford Birchard Hayes
291881James A. Garfield
301881-1885Chester A. Arthur
311885Grover Cleveland
321885-1889Grover Cleveland
331889-1893Benjamin Harrison
341893-1897Grover Cleveland
351897-1899William McKinley
361899-1901William McKinley
371901William McKinley
381901-1905Theodore Roosevelt
391905-1909Theodore Roosevelt
401909-1912William H. Taft
411912-1913William H. Taft
421913-1921Woodrow Wilson
431921-1923Warren G. Harding
441923-1925Calvin Coolidge
451925-1929Calvin Coolidge
461929-1933Herbert Hoover
471933-1941Franklin D. Roosevelt
481941-1945Franklin D. Roosevelt
491945Franklin D. Roosevelt
501945-1949Harry S. Truman
511949-1953Harry S. Truman
521953-1961Dwight D. Eisenhower
531961-1963John F. Kennedy
541963-1965Lyndon B. Johnson
551965-1969Lyndon B. Johnson
561969-1973Richard M. Nixon
571973-1974Richard M. Nixon
581974-1977Gerald R. Ford
591977-1981Jimmy Carter
601981-1989Ronald Reagan
611989-1993George Bush
621993-2001Bill Clinton
632001-2009George W. Bush
642009-2017Barack Obama
652017-2021Donald J. Trump
662021-Joseph R. Biden


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