May 16, 2024

“Tower Hill” refers to the areas of the Tower Liberty


High-status prisoners were publicly executed on Tower Hill From the late 14th until the mid-eighteenth century. Trinity Square Gardens has taken over the punishment site on the upper area north-west of the Tower of London wall. Tower Hill, which rises from the north bank of the River Thames to a height limit of 14.5 meters, also encompasses a larger area around the Tower of London in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Datum of Survey.

In speaking, the term “Tower Hill” refers to the areas of Tower Liberty that are not within the Tower of London and its moat. The territory along with the border of the London Wall is Great Tower Hill. Little Tower Hill is the land outside of the line.

The site was once part of the Tower of Liberty of London, a region under the authority of the Tower to prevent any development that would jeopardize the defensive strength of the Tower. Although the building has been imposed to some extent, the control of the Tower is a vestige of this management. The hill contains territory on both sides of the London Wall, of which a huge seen.

Tower Hill Street

The tower is a street in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets that runs outwards from Byward Street to Minories and Tower Bridge Approach, bordering the City of London. In the 1880s, it replace Postern Row and after a decade passe, it was enlarged and expanded. From its intersection with Minories westward, Tower is part of the London congestion charge zone.

Tower Hill Terrace is a walking path that extends south from Tower to Gloucester Court. As well as the adjacent paved public space above the Tower Vaults shopping plaza, which was rebuilt in 2019. A floor plaque in Tower Vaults marks the re-opening of the building in 1991. As the surviving portion of the 1864 George Myers-designed Mazawattee Tea Warehouse. It was heavily bomb-blast during WWII air attacks and eventually destroyed.


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