June 14, 2024

Zarnegar Park Kabul is a major tourist attraction in Afghanistan


Zarnegar Park is an urban park located north of the river in Kabul, Afghanistan. The park is a major tourist attraction in Afghanistan. It has a green hill in the center with trees and flowers. In the park, there is a big pavilion that acts as a place for the rest of Abdur Rahman Khan. After the government demolish many state-own residences in the area in late 1950, the park construct. The park, which is located in the heart of the city, cost around 50 million Afghanis to build. The name “Zarnegar” (which means “golden”) comes from a pavilion that has stood here since the nineteenth century.

Zarnegar Park became a favorite gathering place for local residents and students. They gather to rest on the grass and chairs. Soldiers from the garrison will frequently come here just to hear to the public address system of Radio Afghanistan. In recent years, the park has been a favorite gathering spot for demonstrators and activists.

The pavilion in the park develops by Kandahar architects for the then-Emir of Afghanistan, Abdur Rahman Khan, in 1892. The mansion was used as a private guest house. Rahman’s son Habibullah Khan chose to bury him here following his death.

This palace hosted the signing of the historic 1921 pact between Afghanistan and the United Kingdom. This was a follow-up to the Treaty of Rawalpindi. The British team was led by Sir Henry Dobbs, while the Afghan team was led by Mahmud Tarzi. The Aga Khan Trust for Culture renovate the mausoleum in 2005.

Zarnegar Park is situated between numerous important city thoroughfares and landmarks. The Spinzar Hotel, as well as the ministries of Information and Education, located on its western edge. The Lycée Esteqlal is to the north side. While the former Hotel Kabul is to the east side.


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